• 10th February 2019
  • Sameer Mungekar
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Just sharing some interesting statistics about the Indian companies registered on stock exchanges. The total number of stocks in the Indian stock markets with a market capitalization of over $500 million is 425. There are only 4 other countries which have more companies having market capitalization of over %500 million.

USA: 2907
China: 2378
Japan: 1126
UK: 606

Out of these 425 companies, there are 86 companies, whose stock price increased by 5 times (5X) in the last 10 years. Out of these 425 companies, there are 141 companies, whose stock price tripled (3X) in the last 10 years.

Thus India not only has one of the largest pool of companies which are more than $500 million in size, it also has one of the highest number of companies with the highest growth rates.

The only two other countries with more companies with similar growth rates are:

USA: 140
China: 94

Moving ahead the number of such companies will most likely increase because of India’s large consumer base (130 crore people).

The only thing, we should be waiting for, in my opinion, is, the prosperity witnessed by metropolitan cities and other major cities and towns in our country to percolate to smaller towns and villages and people at the grass root level.

When this happens the consumer demand will be strong enough to support corporate earnings and take our country to a new level of economic development, much higher per capita income and stock market indices, shooting through the roof.

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