Brands of Desire is a management consulting firm focused on Branding and Allied Services. Mr Saurabh Uboweja founded Brands of Desire in the year 2008. Mr Uboweja is an Engineering graduate from the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology and also holds an MBA from IIM Calcutta. After a brief stint with Citigroup as an Investment Counsellor, Mr Uboweja ventured into the world of corporate branding and allied services. In the last ten years, Brands of Desire has evolved as a full-fledged Management Consulting firm with offices in Delhi and Mumbai and operations spanning the world. It has worked with over three hundred domestic and international clients in multiple industries. With revenue of six and a half million dollars and more than ten years of experience behind it, Brands of Desire is poised for an exciting journey in the world of Corporate Branding and Strategy.

BoD offers services in the area of Brand Management and Assessment with emphasis on Strategy, Design and Content. Strategy decisions about products include decisions about which product to launch, how to launch it, when to launch it, where to launch it, etc. It includes the planning, research, strategy, implementation and follow up for introducing a product or service to the market or re-launching an existing product or service. Some of the brands BoD manages include Confederation of Indian Industry, Bharti-Walmart, Medtronic, Datamatics, Amity University, Ralson Tyres among others. BoD is associated with clients in multiple industries such as Architectural Products, Non-Profits, Logistics, Defence, Energy, Events, Healthcare, Hospitality and Technology among others.
Designing Services include designing the product or service, product packaging, features, the point of sales presence, intermediaries and channels, price, target market, geography, digital strategy, public relations, media management and product life cycle. It also includes designing the aesthetics of the products and services as well as the media used for their promotion. Content Services include developing written content in line with the overall design and strategy of the Company to achieve the desired outcome.

Brands of Desire is among the leading Management Consulting Firms in the country. With an emphasis on Start-Ups, Small and Medium Business, BoD specialises in addressing the needs of the Small Enterprise. With more than four thousand companies registered on Indian Stock Exchanges and millions more at the private limited or limited liability level, India offers tremendous potential for BoD to grow and develop. With the right marketing and sales efforts, BoD can look forward to multi-million dollar revenues and global presence in the next few years.

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