The global population has touched 7.6 billion people. India has a population of 1.35 billion people in 2018. India has a labour force to population ratio of sixty per cent which means that eighty-one crore people are available for employment in our Country. The unemployment rate was three and a half percent in 2018.

Most students choose a career in which their friends are also interested, and there is a herd mentality at the time of selecting college and jobs. Some are compelled to choose a stream like Medicine or Engineering. Some follow in the footsteps of their parents or relatives. Some of these students may find the course uninteresting, or challenging after they have taken admission; others may complete their education and take up jobs but may find their careers unfulfilling or unrewarding. This leads to unhappy lives, unsatisfied aspirations and strained relations. So what next? Is there anything that you can do to change the situation?

Fortunately Yes! It is not a custom in our society to appear for an Aptitude Test and an IQ Test before enrolling for College. Parents must encourage their children to take up such tests before selecting which course to enrol for. This will help the student to take an informed decision and reduce future regrets. Some people may find their jobs uninteresting or unable to satisfy their aspirations. Such people should consult a professional career counsellor instead of solely relying on their friends and family for advice.

Students may feel that they have made a wrong choice because they are unable to cope up with a subject like Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics etc. A student may have enrolled in Engineering but may have a strong inclination towards Arts or Humanities. In such situations, it is best to consult a Career Counsellor to choose an appropriate course. Instead of regretting a wrong decision, the student must take the required tests and guidance from a career counsellor. It is never too late; you can take corrective measures and live the life that you want.

Some people may realise that they are unable to cope up with their job or are not being adequately rewarded for their efforts. They may think of pursuing higher education or changing their profession, but friends and family may not be supportive. If they feel that they should pursue higher education or change their career or look at travelling overseas to satisfy their aspirations; they must have the courage to follow their instincts. They need not suffer the consequences of a wrong choice and must take professional help.

In life, success is not about being intelligent or getting the highest scores. Success in life has more to do with doing what you love, being persistent and consistent and managing your relations well. A rule of thumb is to follow your heart, take risks and live with Integrity. Success is about not giving up, no matter how many times you fall. You may be closer to living your dream than you may know. Keep on trying, never give up.

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