• 21st April 2019
  • Sameer Mungekar
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I got interested in data science when I got to know how much data gets generated every day. About 2.5 quintillion bytes of data gets generated every day. The weather bureau receives 18 million forecast requests every minute. YouTube users watch 4.1 million videos every minute. Google receives 3.6 million search requests every minute. Wikipedia users publish 600 new edits every minute. Many Industries like Travel, Healthcare, Social Media, Automation, Banking and Insurance generate enormous amount of data every day. Companies are growing by using this data to understand the behaviour of their customers. To analyze and interpret this data these Companies need Data Scientists.

Our final year project was about data analysis. It was a team project. We were four participants.. Our first step was to find the right data on which to work. After much debate, we decided to work on data we ourselves generated consisting of 100k entries. The project had two parts, Analysis and is UI. Analysis was done using Hadoop Technology and its ecosystem. We used .csv format data and stored it into hdfs (Hadoop distributed file system). We analyzed it using MapReduce or Hive. After analysis we downloaded the output file from hdfs and moved it to see the result using a web based UI. The analysis was done using Linux Operating system and the User Interface was done using Windows operating system. UI was made using HTML, CSS, ,JavaScript and NodeJS. We took the output data and put it into a web based application which displayed the result as a bar graph and a pie chart.

After graduating in Data Science, I want to work for Alphabet or Facebook or a similar Company which generates a massive amount of data across the globe. Nowadays, Google and Facebook are extremely popular and, since I belong to the Data Science Industry, I have set a goal to work for one of these Companies in the near future. I think 10 to 15 years down the line the Data Science Industry would be One of the biggest Industries in the World. Smart Phones are becoming commonplace and these devices generate enormous data every day. I want to be a data scientist and find new ways to analyze that data within a short duration and gain accurate insights from it. I see myself working as the Chief Data Scientist of a large Corporation, 10-15 years from now.

During the course of my education, I studied, Web Programming, Intelligent System, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Structure, Java, etc. Apart from the theory, our institute also organized workshops about PHP, Python etc. I also enrolled for an online course on Big Data which gave hands on experience on hdfs, MapReduce, Pig Hive and Sqoop. About 30% of the training was theoretical. It was a good experience of learning new technologies at College, Workshops and during Online Courses.

I made this mini project for our company named ‘Plaza Steel Traders’. The project name was Automatic Form Generator. The main objective was to save time and generate an error free RTGS form for bank transactions The main concern was that they did not have a database of their beneficiaries and they had to hand-fill the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) forms of the Bank. On many occasions transactions failed because of an error in filling of forms. To address this concern, I setup a MySQL database of their beneficiaries and made a form where they could add the beneficiary information and another form where they could enter amount and beneficiary name, and the system would generate the filled-up form which they could print. This reduced the time taken for form filling by eighty per cent. The technology that I used was PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In my College I worked on a mini project called “Online Medical Store”. We used Web Technologies like PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript to complete our project. We used a MySQL database to store all data about users and medicines. We used PHP & HTML for scripting, We used CSS and JavaScript for the UI. The objective of the project was to serve the Customers a Medicine as required. Patients could come online and type the name of the medicine and our system would provide the information about the medicine. They could order the medicine online and our executive would deliver the medicine to their door step. By using this application patients can order medicines online.

I was a member of a Society which organized sports events, cleaning drives, blood donation camps, cultural festivals in college. I worked as a volunteer in this society and participated in its activities.. I also participated in a Coding Competition at Seed InfoTech where I stood among the Top 300 participants from around 15000 participants across the State.

After doing proper research and considering my interests, I believe UMBC is the best fit for me to pursue my aspirations and get an edge in my career. Having a globally reputed learning Pedagogy and a World-Renowned Tutelage, I aspire to pursue my M.S in Data Science from your prestigious University and hope to hear back favourably.

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