The United States is the largest Economic and Military power in the World. But it seems to be misusing its power. Let us take a look at what’s happening in the World.

1. The US is fighting a Trade war with China. But if the US increases tariffs on Chinese goods, the American people will suffer as well, because they will have to buy goods at a higher price. This does not make common sense for President Trump. It is not in the best interest of Americans.

2. President Trump has isolated the US by stepping away from its historic stance towards NATO and the European Union. It is getting itself into a trade war with the EU as well.

3. The US has a hard stance against North Korea as well. Being a Country with the largest nuclear arsenal, on what moral and ethical grounds is the US imposing sanctions against North Korea? It is flexing its Economic muscles by imposing sanctions against North Korea.

4. The same analogy applies to its relations with Iran.

5. The US is interfering in Venezuela’s domestic matters by supporting the opposition against the Ruling Party of Maduro. Venezuela has the largest Oil reserves in the World, ahead of Saudi Arabia.

6. The US is also isolating itself in The American Continent by closing its borders to immigrants from Latin America.

7. It is not in the best terms with Russia either.

8. The Islamic World also does not have a soft side towards the US.

9. The only Countries it seems to gel well with are Israel, Japan and South Korea.

It won’t be hard to imagine growing instances of terrorism against the US. The possibility of a direct confrontation against one or more of the aggrieved Nations also cannot be ruled out.

Let’s wait and watch.

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