• 6th May 2019
  • Sameer Mungekar
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Violent Civilisations have harmed humanity for several centuries. History has evidence to prove that more aggressive and violent civilisations have dominated the World and tamed the lesser aggressive Civilisations.

To state a few examples, in India, Aryans drove Dravidians to the south. Moghuls defeated the Aryans, and the Britishers tamed the Moghuls. Now we have people among ourselves ruling us through the system of democracy. A new breed of politicians and business families have started to dictate terms. This is called a monopoly or oligopoly.

The same theory holds for the rest of the World. Aborigines and Native Americans became almost extinct because of Europeans. The Europeans enslaved Africa. Persians were driven away from Persia by the Arabs, Turks and Mongols. India survived the Brits because we could fight for ourselves. Mongols regularly attacked China and Central Asian Countries during the peak of their Civilisation.

Since the Industrial Revolution, a couple of centuries ago Capitalists have started dominating the World. Monopolists and Oligopolists first emerged in the US and are now visible in every part of the World. Europe, China, India, Russia and all other countries have a few business families who dominate most industries. Be it the Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis or the Bajajs, a handful of families dominate most industries and influence politicians and bureaucrats.

In the west, the Rockefellers, Melons, Carnegie, Rothschild, Morgans, Fargo, and in recent years Mr Gates, Mr Bezos, Mr Buffett, Mr Zuckerberg and the Google twins dominate the World. They influence politicians, bureaucrats and the judiciary. A handful of families (2053 to be precise) control global trade and business.

This brings me to my big question. Will the Human Civilisation perish because of these monopolists and oligopolists, or will we die a traditional death at the hands of Countries and Religions.

Any guesses?

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