• 6th May 2019
  • Sameer Mungekar
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Our Universe was born out of a Big Bang, over thirteen billion years ago. Hindu scriptures describe this, as the ‘Sfot’ or the Big Explosion. The sound that permeated this newly formed universe at the time of the Explosion was ‘Aum’. Within a fraction of a second, our Universe spread from being non-existent to an infinite volume of Time and Space which cannot be travelled from one end to the other in a million light years.

So where did this explosion or Big Bang occur (Since there was no universe at the time)? The Big Bang occurred in the infinite sea of Consciousness. But what is the meaning of Consciousness? Consciousness means ‘being aware that I exist’. So who is aware that he exists? Consciousness is aware that it exists. So in the unborn ocean of Consciousness, a Big Explosion occurred which gave birth to our Universe.

Everything that exists in our Universe was born at some point in time. But Consciousness is unborn and seamless. It is difficult to imagine the Unborn with our limited vision and experiences. Living in a Finite World, it is difficult to imagine the Infinite.

So why was the Universe born and who created it? Hindu Scriptures state that Consciousness gave birth to the Universe to while away its time. Just as Children play games, the Unborn and Unending sea of Consciousness created this Universe to while away its time.

So when was Earth created and what is the future of our planet? According to modern Science, Earth was created about five billion years ago and so was the Sun. So when did Humans come into existence as a species? According to modern Science, Humans (Homo Sapiens) as a species started evolving on our planet about two hundred thousand years ago. So what is the future of the Human Race and our Planet? Science does not have an Answer to this question yet. But according to Hindu Scriptures, there are Four Yugas or Phases of Time on our Planet. Satyug, Treta Yug, Dwapar Yug and Kalyug. So in which phase are we now? We are experiencing Kalyug. What do the Hindu Scriptures say about Kalyug? The Hindu Scriptures say that after Kalyug ends, Satyug will begin again.

The Four Yugas are together called a Maha Yug. How many Maha Yugas occur in the lifetime of our Universe? One thousand Maha Yugas occur in the lifetime of our Universe. What happens after One thousand Maha Yugas are completed? The Universe dissolves into nothingness (Pralay). What happens after Pralay? The Universe is born again. What is the duration of One thousand Maha Yugs called? Its called a ‘Kalp’.

So where are we heading now? In my opinion, the next Satyug is around the corner within the next eighty years (before CE 2100). Do you have any questions?

Let us wait and hope for the best.

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