The United States of America is the largest armed nation in the World. Due to its tremendous power in the field, it commands a lot of respect and fear. The US military has played critical roles in the First & Second World Wars as well as regional conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. The US spends 3.41 % of its budget on defence which amounted to 700 billion dollars in 2018. It accounts for forty per cent of global defence spending and is more than the defence spending of the next eight Countries combined.

So does that make the US imperishable or undefeatable? Not quite so. The entire US defence system consisting of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Air Force depends on a sophisticated network for communication and information exchange. This network is also connected with its allies in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. This communication network links the President of the United States to the Commanders in Chiefs of the respective forces. In case of a threat or war, the commands are transmitted to the US military bases situated across the globe.

This communications network is the weakest link in the US attack mechanism. If a hacker is able to intercept this communications network and jam it or corrupt the data, the US military could become subject to manipulation. Instead of spending billions of dollars on aircraft carriers and nukes, if the opponents spend a fraction of the money on penetrating the US military’s communications network, it would give them a fair chance to defeat them in a War or ambush.

The weakest link will not be found at the Pentagon or the Strategic US bases around the World. The weakest link would be found in the network of an ally or a remote military base somewhere in the Pacific. The task of the hacker is to penetrate this point of contact and travel all the way up to the Pentagon. Once this exercise is completed, it will give the hacker all the information required to penetrate the US defence system in times of a War or conflict.

The information collected using this method should not be used for sale but to protect one’s homeland. This prevents tracking the trail of money back to the hacker.

The United States is bullying a lot of small guys and arm twisting others to achieve its selfish motives. Goliath must fall if others have to live. Otherwise the US will continue to be a pain in the ass for several Nations across the World.

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