• 7th May 2019
  • Sameer Mungekar
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The following steps should be taken to improve the economic and political situation of our Country:

1. Improve the Direct Tax system by reducing Income tax and Corporate Tax to ten per cent of Net Income, if Net Income is above twelve lacs per annum. This will motivate Individuals and Organisations to pay tax and refrain from hoarding money. This will also bring the majority of the population under the tax umbrella and increase Government Revenue.

2. Allow Citizens and Organisations to declare past Income and pay ten per cent tax on all undeclared Income.

3. Increase the strength of Law Enforcement Agencies and reduce their work hours to eight per day in three shifts. This will protect the staff from stress and long hours.

4. Increase the number of Trial Courts and High Courts to expedite justice. Also, the number of Judges and Court rooms should be increased at all levels of the judiciary.

5. Increase the strength of our Army, Navy and Air Force in terms of staff and equipment.

6. Development of Roadways, Railways, Airports and Inland and Coastal waterways to facilitate better transport of people and goods.

7. Development of Canals and Waterways to prevent floods and drought.

8. Make military service of two years mandatory for every graduate.

9. Establish a Social Security System for everyone below the poverty line.

10. Free access to Government Schools and Colleges to the students from BPL communities.

11. Free access to Government Hospitals to people below poverty line.

12. Increase the forest cover in our Country by planting trees on all available barren land. This will increase rainfall and make the Climate more predictable.

13. Encourage Private sector to invest in Research & Development of Defence, Space, Nuclear, Agriculture, Bio-Technology, Genetics and all other promising sectors.

14. Welcome people of all Nationalities, Religions and Race to become Indian Citizens as long as they wish to lead a peaceful life in Society.

15. Reduce taxes on Imports of all useful commodities and products as it will benefit Indian Consumers. The domestic producers of such Commodities should focus their efforts on other Products and Services where they have a Competitive advantage.

16. Disallow unnecessary automation of Industry and Agriculture to protect jobs and increase employment.

17. Citizens should be encouraged to pursue opportunities where they have a Comparative advantage over other people including international producers.

18. The Banking sector must be made more responsible while disbursing Credit to Individuals and Organisations.

19. Article 374 must be scrapped, and Jammu & Kashmir should be made an integral part of India just like any other State.

20. India must improve its Economic and Military strength to challenge any threat from Pakistan, China or the US.

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