• 6th June 2019
  • Sameer Mungekar
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History refers to the events that occurred on the planet earth since language and written communication were invented. Events that occurred on our planet before the advent of written communication are called prehistory.

Proof of written records was first found to belong to the Mesopotamian civilization in modern-day Iraq dating back about 5000 years. Other civilizations which came to inhabit earth since then included the Sumerian Civilization, Egyptian Civilization, Minoan civilization, Civilization of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, Aryan civilization, Civilization in China, Rome, Greece. Mayan Civilization in Latin America and many more.

The last five thousand years can be segregated as the ancient age, classical age and modern era. A study of the last five thousand years shows that different civilizations have come, flourished for a while and fallen or disappeared. These civilizations have lasted for about two hundred to two thousand years each.

We are now witnessing an age dominated by America, but their time will also pass. History has plenty of evidence to prove that the strongest civilizations have fallen or perished over time.

Sadly I don’t foresee another civilization to take over from the World we live in. If I take into account evidence collected from history and prehistory, time is ripe for the annihilation of our planet by conflicting forces and interests before the turn of this century and the advent of Satyug. But Satyug starts with the rebirth of life from a single cell so that the entire chain of events of last several millennia or hundreds of millennia are repeated until they reach a point at which our civilization stands today.

This is just theory at this stage, only time will prove its validity.

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