The United States is the most powerful country in the World. It has been so since the end of the cold war. America has done many good things for the World like help fight terrorism, strengthen and support democratic countries and develop pioneering technology that helps make life easier for many people across the World. But what they are doing now is completely wrong.

Iran is a country of 82 million people. It is one f the largest oil producers in the World. Iran’s Economy is completely dependent on oil exports. The people of Iran won’t be able to survive if their income from oil exports is stopped. America is doing just that. America has no right to bully other countries into breaking trade relations with Iran. What will the people of Iran eat? How will be they clothe and educate their children? America has to consider these moral and ethical questions before forcing other countries to stop buying Iranian oil.

And why is America doing all this? Because Iran is making efforts to develop nuclear technology. A country with a million nuclear weapons does not have any right to tell another country to stop building nuclear technology.

America must stop bullying Iran and allow its people to lead good lives just as Americans want to lead good lives. Threatening and forcing a country to stop developing nuclear technology especially when so many countries in the World have such technology amounts to vandalising the rights of a sovereign nation. Countries like Russia and China and any other country with a conscience must ignore American threats of sanctions and listen to their heart and stand by Iran. Remember its Iran today, tomorrow it might be your country. People and governments across the world must voice their opinion against bullying tactics by the United States.

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