In America, the black community is systematically tormented by the whites. In China, the north western Uighir muslims are tormented by the Chinese government. But if Indians and Hindus in particular try to protect their interests and take action against muslims, the whole world including America and China and the Europeans stand up against us. They raise the issue in the UN and other forums and bring sanctions against India. This was evident during the Gujarat riots of 2002.

This happens to Hindus and Indians because we are a weak country dependent on other nations to fulfill our various needs. This doesn’t happen with America or China. The global community does not have the courage to oppose the US or China. Besides Hindus are a divided lot and fight with each other. Indian history is replete with examples wherein great Hindu kings were defeated by Muslims or the British with the help of Hindu traitors. There are several Hindu traitors among us even today.

Hindus must start thinking about this seriously and take the necessary steps now to protect our freedom and our way of life. Otherwise within a span of twenty or thirty years the Muslim population in India will be bigger than the Hindu population and the Indian Constitution will be replaced by the Sharia. Steps must be taken now to ensure that the Muslim population does not grow beyond the present level and is reduced if possible.

To ensure this Hindus must support electoral candidates with a strong Hindu agenda. India must be made a Hindu country and the Indian constitution must be changed to reflect this new Hindu identity. Just like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are Muslim countries, India must become a Hindu country. Only then will we be able to protect our children and grand children and our way of life. We must discard this garb of secularism which is discouraging and punishing Hindus for the benefit of other communities.

So, please find time from your busy schedules and give this message some serious thought. Please forward this message so that it reaches all the Hindus in our great Nation.

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