1. Hindus suffer from the Caste system. Hindus are not united. They have several castes within themselves. Ever since the beginning of time Hindus from upper castes have ostracised lower caste Hindus forcing them to take refuge with other religions. Even in independent India, the caste system has not disintegrated. Elections are still being fought based on caste lines and party tickets for election are still being issued based on the Caste of the candidate. Lower caste Hindus are still being harassed and oppressed by higher-caste Hindus.

2. Abortion rate of female foetus is highest among Hindus. The abortion rate of female foetuses is highest among the Hindu community. No other community or Religion in India has such a large bias against the girl child. This is happening despite the Government of India’s ban against detection of the sex of the foetus. Girls and daughters are still considered to be a liability by many Hindu parents. This is especially true in the case of non-metro cities and towns and villages where most Indians reside.

3. A Large number of Hindu are traitors, pseudo secularists.  A large portion of the Hindu community is pseudo secularists. They are born in Hindu families but do not practice Hinduism. They don’t foresee the threat coming from Muslim forces. They are not aware of India’s history and how several Muslim rulers have tormented Hindus over several centuries. They turn a blind eye to how Hindus have been systematically targeted in Kashmiri, Bangladesh and Pakistan. They are ignorant of how radical the Muslim community is, not only in India but across the globe.  They ignore the favouritism expressed by political parties like Congress, Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi Party etc. towards non-Hindu voters and how these parties have historically supported Muslims by throwing Iftar parties, granting Haj subsidies, remuneration for Muslim priests while ignoring the needs of the majority Hindu population. They are not able to foresee the Islamisation of India. Also, for many Hindus, it is just savvy to wear a secular cap and show that they are more Indian and less Hindu. These people are ignorant of the fact that their Muslim brethren don’t share the same feelings.

4. Hindus like to celebrate Diwali and Dusshera but don’t want to read the Geeta or do Pooja and Japa. Most Hindus love to celebrate Dussehra, Diwali, Holi etc. but they don’t want to read the Bhagwad Geeta or the Upnishads or the Vedas. I am sure a very small percentage of the Hindu population has ever read these Hindu scriptures let alone practice them in their everyday life. On the other hand, it is mandatory for all Muslims to attend Namaz in a mosque at least once a week on Fridays. Also, most Christians attend church on Sundays. Speaking in terms of percentage, the number of Hindus visiting temples regularly is much smaller than the number of Muslims attending Namaz regularly. Also, most Hindus undertake a pilgrimage to engage in travel and fun, rather than as a religious activity. There are more Muslims who have read the Quran as compared to the number of Hindus who have read the Geeta.

5. Hindus don’t teach their children the importance of daily worship of God and the importance of reading Hindu scriptures. Most Hindu parents don’t teach their children the importance of daily worship of God, meditation, Pooja etc. These are considered taboo by most Hindu youngsters as well as their parents and grandparents. Muslims on the other hand are much more religious and disciplined and teach their children the importance of Namaz and Ibadat.

6. The interests of Hindu parents are confined to good education and career. Hindu parents just want one thing from their children. They want their children to study well and have great careers, marry and settle down. Their life revolves around education, career, money and family. There is no room for religion, God or Country in their lives. There are very few practising Hindus. Also, any rituals Hindus may engage in are for monetary or social purposes.

7. Fertility rate of Hindu women is low as compared to Muslim women. The total fertility rate of Hindu women stands at 2.1 currently. The total fertility rate of Muslim women is much higher at 2.6. These are current numbers based on a study by an American Institute. The authenticity and accuracy of this data are doubtful considering that international organisations have traditionally been supportive of the Muslim and Christian communities. Also, these are current figures. Historically since Independence, the fertility rate of Muslim women has been over 4 while that of Hindu women has been over 3. The population of Muslims in India has shown significant growth since independence while the population of Hindus as a percentage of the National population is shrinking.

8. Hindus are cowards. There are many instances of insult of Hindu Gods and Deities in popular culture. You can find such instances in Indian Films, Art, Stand Up comedy shows and many other occasions. But no Hindu person or organisation takes firm action against the perpetrators of such crimes. On the other hand, if anyone insults Muslims God or their Prophet, that person is immediately executed by radical Muslim organisations. Many such instances can be seen in India and overseas.  So the bottom line is that Hindus are cowards and don’t have the courage to defend their Gods and their culture. So they will eventually perish.

These are just a few points for Hindus to ponder upon, especially by the secularists (pseudo). I am sure a whole book can be dedicated to this subject but that is for some other day. Unless the Hindu community changes its ways they will soon become foreigners in their own country.


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