The breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 gave birth to fifteen nations. Vladimir Putin resigned from the KGB to join active politics in Russia at the time. According to reports, discussed on News Channels in India, the USA and its NATO allies had assured Russia that the disintegrated states from Russia won’t be made a part of NATO. However, America and its allies did not hold on to their promise. Over the next thirty years, at least six of the former members of the Soviet Union have joined NATO. Today NATO is a group of thirty countries from Europe and North America. America has not kept its word of not expanding NATO.

Today Ukraine is looking forward to joining NATO. This will bring the NATO forces dangerously close to Moscow. With thirty countries and counting surrounding Russia, what do you expect Russia to do? Is it supposed to wait till the last minute when all these countries collectively attack Russia? Why are America and its allies hell-bent on increasing NATO members and creating a threat for Russia? The responsibility for war also lies on their shoulders. It is not just Putin but the collective egos of all these leaders who are responsible for this war. Putin has only tried to protect his country from any future liabilities.

Many common people across the world are deploring Putin today. But have they understood the circumstances under which Putin had to make this decision? Why don’t they ask America and its allies as to why they have been surrounding Russia over the last thirty years, despite the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Why have the US and its allies not honoured their word of not including former Soviet Union countries into NATO?

It would not be a surprise if the current invasion of Ukraine takes an uglier turn and becomes a nuclear liability. It is time for the Western countries to introspect about their actions and where it is going to lead the world into. It is very easy to put the blame on Putin and ignore the actions of the Western world.

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