Russia attacked Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022, under the instructions of President Vladimir Putin. The immediate reason for this attack is said to be NATO’s expansion into Ukraine. Although Ukraine is not yet a member of NATO, the intention of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is to make Ukraine a member of the European Union and NATO. 

NATO is a strategic military alliance of thirty European and North American countries. The European Union is an Economic alliance of twenty-seven European countries. Membership of the European Union is seen as a step forward for Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

The reason why Russia does not want Ukraine to become a member of NATO is that that would bring NATO within six hundred and fifty kilometres of NATO’s reach. If Ukraine remains Russia’s partner, Moscow would remain at a distance of sixteen hundred kilometres from NATO’s members. 

The problem.

The current political regime in Ukraine led by President Zelensky is in favour of applying for membership of the European Union and NATO. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not want that to happen. Hence, he wants President Zelensky to change his strategy towards Russia and NATO or he wants a regime that is more considerate of Russian concerns. This war is a means used by President Putin to protect Russian interests and achieve this objective. 

The mischief mongers.

America is known to have instigated and supported several wars in several countries since World war 2. These include wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. and support for anti-government elements in countries like Syria, Iran etc. It has precisely done the same thing in Ukraine by instigating President Zelensky and his people to oppose President Putin and Russia. 

Over the past thirty years, it has been the policy of the US Government to expand NATO into countries that were former members of the Soviet Union. The US and allies first convinced the Ukrainian government of the 1990s to disarm and destroy its arsenal of Nuclear Weapons. At the time Ukraine had the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons after Russia and the United States. This action must be looked at very closely and suspiciously because while America and its allies like the UK and  France were busy convincing Ukraine to disarm its nuclear weapons, they themselves had a large arsenal of nuclear weapons. Isn’t it immoral and unethical on the part of the US, the UK and France to convince Ukraine and other nuclear powers to disarm while they themselves continue to hold such weapons? 

Even today, President Zelensky was made to believe that the US and its allies would support Ukraine in case of a conflict with Russia. But when the conflict actually occurred, America and NATO, backed out of supporting President Zelensky with any troops and left his people to die and at the mercy of Russia. Had Ukraine stuck to its nuclear weapons, Russia may have thought twice before attacking Ukraine. 

Who will pay the price for this war?

People believe that Russia will benefit from this war if they win it. But Russia has been cornered completely by Western countries by applying Economic sanctions as well as by social and political isolation. Western countries are making full use of media and social media companies which are mainly controlled by Americans to wage an information war against Russia. They are showing President Putin and the Russian military in a bad light. Several Russian troops will also die in this fight. Plus there is the financial cost of waging such a huge war.

Ukraine will not benefit from this war because thousands of Ukrainian citizens, men women and children will die in this war. Countless more have been displaced. Their entire country and infrastructure are being ripped apart by Russia. Even if they win, the cost of human life and suffering will be very high. Also, the possibility that its European neighbours and America who are encouraging them to continue this fight won’t support them for European Union membership or NATO membership. 

So who is the ultimate beneficiary of this war?

After the war started, most western European countries have announced that they will increase their defence budgets to counter any possible Russian attacks. Who will they buy the defence equipment from? AMERICA. America is the largest supplier of defence equipment to the whole world. All this defence spending by European countries will find its way to American defence equipment manufacturers. The machine guns, the fighter jets, the submarines, the rocket launchers, the missiles, all ammunition, everything will be supplied by the American companies. So the final beneficiaries of this war will be the American Defence equipment manufacturers, the American Government and the American Economy. Who is paying the price? Ukrainian people, Russian people and also the people around the world who have to bear the brunt of high fuel prices and inflation. America is famous for creating wars and conflicts in different parts of the world because it benefits its companies, its economy and helps it maintain its supremacy as a global superpower.

Final Words.

It will be wise for President Zelensky to understand this situation and the pain of ordinary Ukrainians and surrender and negotiate for peace. He is not the only person fighting this war, there are millions of women and children who are waiting to meet their husbands and fathers. He should not let them down. Under the delusional support of his western allies, he must not forget that it is his countrymen and women and children who are paying the price, not President Biden, or President Macron or Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It is very easy for western leaders to show support for Ukraine when they don’t have anything to lose but for a few million dollars of taxpayer money. 

On the other hand, President Putin must understand the trick being played by Western leaders to isolate him not only within the world but also in his own country. He must understand the consequences his people will have to face because of the social, political and economical isolation. He should not fall prey to western elements and find an alternative way to get out of this situation, in the interest of his country and his people. 

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