As a child, I experienced a lot of harassment from other kids in the neighbourhood. My hair was hard and always erect. Kids used to call me kaatya ( thorns). I could not tolerate the constant teasing and harassment so I used to thrash them. One of the things I used to do while thrashing them was to pull their hair out. As a result, other kids used to boycott me and stop playing with me, stop talking to me etc. Moral of the story: you are not doing anything unethical if you repeatedly tease and harass someone but you are an evil person if you thrash people who tease you. 

The same thing is happening in the world today. People don’t find anything wrong if America and other nations build a fortress around Russia. They deploy missiles and armies and surround Russia in the form of NATO. This is not considered wrong in the western perspective but when Russia attacks Ukraine as a consequence of this threat Russia is considered a villain. 

The world has become very hypocritical. People judge others through contradictory morals and standards. They apply one set of rules while judging themselves and their friends and a separate set of rules for judging enemies. If America attacks Iraq or Vietnam there is no opposition from the world community but if Russia attacks Ukraine, Putin is considered to be an evil person. The western world has double standards, one for themselves and the other for judging Russia, India, China etc. 

Let me explain this with some more examples. America, the United Kingdom and France have nuclear weapons. They are leading providers of arms and ammunition to the world. They continue to buy Russian oil and gas despite the sanctions. But Ukraine was coerced into handing over its nuclear arsenal to Russia in 1994. There was a lot of hue and cry and the threat of sanctions against India when India successfully tested a nuclear bomb in 1998. Several sanctions have been imposed on Iran because of its nuclear program. The countries which are leading the fight against the expansion and proliferation of nuclear weapons are the countries that have lots of nuclear weapons. It’s a cynical world. The western world wants India to not buy oil or gas from Russia, but many western European countries like Germany, France and the UK continue to buy Russian oil and gas despite the sanctions. This shows the hypocrisy of western governments. 

India has a history of Muslim and Mughal kings vandalising the country over the last thousand years. Millions of Hindu people have been killed because of their religion by Muslim invaders from Persia and Afghanistan. Established Muslim kings from Delhi and other parts of India have committed heinous crimes against Hindu men, women and children over the past several centuries. As recently as 1990 Muslims from Kashmir committed one of the most gruesome genocides against the Hindu community in Kashmir. Lacs of Hindus were forced to leave their homes their jobs and leave Kashmir because of the genocide. But the secularist people from India and the world could not see this genocide by Muslims, let alone feel their pain. But the same secularists and human rights activists were very protective of Muslims suffering due to the Gujarat riots. These secularists cant see the religious fanaticism being propagated in Muslim madrasas or mosques but are quick to voice their opinion and file cases in courts against Hindu leaders speaking against Gandhi or other religions. 

The bottom line is that we live in a cynical world where it is ok to tease others but you can’t hit the people who tease you. It is ok to build armies and deploy them against countries but is considered unethical if you attack such armies. It is ok to spread fanaticism within the walls of your mosque or church but not ok if you speak publicly against such religions. It is ok to be a hardliner Muslim but it’s not ok to be a hard-lined Hindu. 

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