Hotel Management is a popular career option among students and young millennials. Students who are attracted to the idea of working in Five Star Hotels or launching their own restaurant find it to be an attractive proposition. Also, several College degree holders are inspired to pursue higher education and enrol for a Master’s degree or a Post Graduate Diploma. Today we are going to discuss some of the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Mumbai as well as talk about popular and lucrative Post Graduate Courses in Mumbai. 

Hotel Management Overview.

Students have the option to complete a three-year degree or diploma in Hotel Management. They can also pursue a short term Certificate course in Hotel Management which is offered by some colleges. After completing a degree or 3-year diploma in Hotel Management students can expect to work with large and small Hotel chains in various departments. They can also work in Restaurants and Clubs as chefs or administrators or choose to launch their own eatery or restaurant. 

Best Hotel Management Colleges in Mumbai.

We have curated a list of some of the best Hotel Management Colleges in Mumbai which offer excellent career prospects in India post completion of your education.

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition.
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Hotel and Tourism Management Studies. 
  • CII Institute of Hospitality, ITC Maratha.
  • ITM Institute of Hotel Management.
  • Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management.

Post Graduate Courses Overview.

Many students aspire to take a Master’s Degree or pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in the field in which they have completed their graduation. They don’t want to restrict themselves to basic education but want to be the best in their field of study. Such students opt for postgraduate education. Some of the popular postgraduate courses are mentioned below:

Masters in Science. ( Physics/ Chemistry/Biology/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Microbiology/ Computer Science).

Masters in Commerce. (Accountancy/ Management)

Master of Arts. (History/ Economics/ Political Science/ Sociology/ Psychology/ Languages etc).

Master of Technology.

Masters in Fine Arts. 

Masters’ Degree in Medicine.

Master of Management Studies.

Master of Business Administration.

Masters in Hotel Management. 

Master of Computer Application.

Post Graduate Diplomas are available in some of the subjects mentioned above. Students nowadays also have the option to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in novel subjects like Graphics Design or Capital Markets. They can also opt for Master’s level Certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst or Chartered Wealth Manager or Certified Financial Planner. The Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and National Institute of Securities Market also offer several Postgraduate level courses through their training arms. 

Final Words

Students interested in securing admissions to premier Hotel Management Colleges will have to work hard to crack the entrance examination and rank higher to secure a seat in the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Mumbai. Ambitious students who want to acquire the best education must not discontinue education after completing graduation. They must think about pursuing a Masters and even a Doctorate in their field of interest. Such students can expect great job offers and excellent growth opportunities throughout their careers. Irrespective of what your specialisation is you will be able to find the best postgraduate courses in Mumbai. 

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