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Content Writing is a new and upcoming industry. Over the last two decades the internet has a grown from a few million users to over a billion users across the world. Online marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Apps and E-commerce have become the norm of the day. More and more businesses are taking to the web to promote their products and services. A new generation of youngsters from college or just out of college as well as young adults are increasingly using the internet to buy anything and everything they need. Under the circumstances it becomes imperative for every organisation to have a presence on the web.

Digital Content Marketing is an upcoming industry in India. Full Service Digital Marketing Agencies provide solutions like Website and Blog Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, E-commerce Portal Development, Content Management, Social Profile Management, Image Management and Enhancement, Corporate Visibility, B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing etc. Other related industries like Online publications, Online news service, Mobile Apps are becoming increasingly popular among the young and old alike. Men and Women of all age groups and professional backgrounds are using the internet as a means of satisfying their needs involving shopping, reading, communication, marketing, publicity, career, education, medicine, transport, hospitality, travelling, eating, searching for information and many more. This creates the need for development of blogs and websites, mobile apps, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and similar services.

One thing common for all these service providers is the need for high quality written content. Irrespective of whether it’s a blog or a website or social media content or an online news service, everyone needs a good content writer. Content Writing is a budding profession with so many blogs and websites mushrooming across the World. Content writing requires an in-depth study of the subject at hand and the ability to convey the information in a manner that will attract and hold the attention of the audience. It should be interesting and should entice the audience to become a repeat user or take a desired course of action. With so many Engineers, MBA’s and Marketing professionals around, one may think that it’s an easy task to hire a good content writer. But the fact of the matter is that India produces more Engineers, Doctors and other Professionals as compared to Graduates in English Literature. Also the ability to study and acquire a professional degree does not entitle a person to equally good communication skills. The ability to converse fluently in English is less common than the number of Engineers. Also a significant percentage of the population which speaks fluent English is engaged in more rewarding professions such as senior management and journalism.

This leaves a very limited pool of talented graduates who can fluently converse in English and take up the responsibility of writing good content. Content Writing also requires a voracious appetite for reading and understanding new subjects and topics. A web development company may work for a client from any domain such as Banking & Financial Services, Information Technology, Healthcare, Maritime, Infrastructure, FMCG, E-commerce, Retail, Logistics, Transport, Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism or anything else. The content writer may not be well versed with the industry or subject, but he needs to read about the subject, understand the subject, make notes and explain the subject in a concise, lucid and precise manner. This requires the ability to read for long hours, intelligence to comprehend the subject, excellent flow of thought and written communication.

No wonder we find job boards full of posts for Content Writers. If you haven’t found your content writer yet, we are here to help you. We offer creative content writing services with an impeccable turn around time, reliable quality in terms of Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation and an unbelievable price. We also double up as a business intelligence company and collect information about any industry, company or individual you may be interested in and provide a concise report.

So what’s holding you back? Drop me a line today or call me at 0091 9820744734.

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